Experienced and Knowledgeable Attorney Helping To Secure Workers' Compensation Benefits For Employees

If you suffer a job related injury or illness you are entitled to medical treatment, wage replacement and permanent disability compensation. If you die as a result of your employment, your dependents are entitled to death benefits. From my law office, Susan P. Callahan, Esq., LLC, I provide assistance to injured individuals from East Brunswick, New Jersey, and surrounding areas seeking to secure all of the benefits entitled to them under the law.

Helping The Permanently and Totally Disabled Secure SSD Benefits

Social Security pays disability benefits if you have worked long enough and have a medical condition that prevents you from working.

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If you are struggling to secure workers' compensation benefits or were denied Social Security Disability Benefits, you deserve more. I am a Certified Workers' Compensation Law Attorney and I have represented both injured workers and social security disability clients for over 32 years. To learn how I may be of assistance to you, please contact me online or call 732-993-9644.