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Living with a debilitating injury can make many things in life much more difficult or impossible, including your ability to work. If you are disabled and trying to find a way to support yourself, the inability to do the job you previously held can be frustrating. It is that much more disheartening when you cannot find another job that you are capable of performing. If you applied for and were denied Social Security Disability Benefits, don’t despair. There is an appeal process in place that I can guide you through.

The SSD Appeals Process

Social Security Disability Benefits are available to help people whose disabilities make it impossible for them to work in any capacity. Unfortunately, not all deserving applications for the benefits are approved. If your application for SSD was denied I can help. My goal is to secure disability—and the accompanying medical insurance for you—for the rest of your life.

I will file a request for reconsideration on your behalf. Should that request also be denied, I can file an appeal for you and request a hearing before an Administrative Law Judge. In the course of preparing for that hearing I will thoroughly prepare you for the hearing as well. Because I have a lot of experience in courtrooms, I understand how to effectively present a denied disability case to the Administrative Law Judge.

Contact An Attorney Promptly

For the best chance of securing SSD benefits, contact me at my East Brunswick, New Jersey, office, as soon as your application is denied. There is a time limit in which a lawyer can file a timely request for reconsideration and or an appeal on your behalf. To get started on your SSD appeal, call me at 732-993-9644 or contact Susan P. Callahan, Esq., LLC, online.